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Meeting Notes

March 2011 - Internet Purchasing Dos and Don'ts

While buying on the Internet is really not very different than any other buying, it does have a few things to watch out for. Of course the first things to watch out for are the same things you should pay attention to any time you make purchase.

  • Make sure you are getting what you think you are
  • Confirm the product is appropriate for your need
  • Here are some criteria a vendor should probably meet:
    • You have positive recommendations from folks you know who have purchased there
    • You have purchased there before (without issue)
    • The business should have been in operation for a while (at least a year?)
    • Return policy is clearly stated, are returns refunded or credited to your account?
    • Shipping costs (to you and for returns) are stated and acceptable
    • Shipping time is acceptable
    • Vendor accepts your preferred payment choice
    • Vendor has a 1-800 number for sales AND problems
    • Vendor has a positive reputation at review sites
  • TANSTAAFL -- if the price is to good to be true, then it is probably not true
  • For auction sites:
    • Is there a sign up fee?
    • Is the seller a company or an individual?
    • What is the history of the seller?
    • What is the condition/state of the product?
    • What are the shipping details?
    • What if the product does not arrive? Or arrives damaged?
    • What warranty?
    • Is it really an auction?

An interesting new family of "auction sites" have appeared. Here are some examples.

Penny Auctions - claims to share winning stratedgies

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