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Meeting Notes

March 2009 - Insuring Your Macintosh

  • Insurance
  • Backing Up
  • Hardware Maintenance
    • Cleaning - dirty computers tend to overheat. Dirt and grit tend to scratch screens. Vacuum cleaners can produce a static charge that might damage chips. Cloth or cotton swabs and alcohol are best for cleaning. Make sure power is disconnected.
    • Monitoring Health
      • System Profiler - make sure all hardware shows up
      • Onyx
      • iTool - Utility for system maintenance
      • SMARTReporter - Monitor health of disk
      • TechTool Pro [commercial] - hardware diagnostic/repair
  • Hardware Backup
    • Keep your old Mac
    • Mac Mini
    • Get a Previous Generation Mac
  • Software Maintenance
    • Applying updates
    • Clear off unused files
    • Disk Utility
      • Permissions
      • Repairing disk
    • Clearing caches, emptying Trash, running scheduled tasks, rebooting
    • Having extra users (privileged and non-privileged)

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