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Meeting Notes

February 2009 - Leopard Indepth


  • Dock
    • Stacks
      • Stacks only work on bottom dock
      • Stacks to big for screen become grids
      • Stacks can now default to Stack, Grid or List (old hierarchical folder view)
    • adding/removing items from dock
      • You can add Applications to the top/left part of the Dock by dragging the Application onto the Dock
      • You can add folders or documents to the bottom/right side of the Dock by dragging them to the Dock
      • You can remove non-running items from the dock by dragging them off
    • customization (resize, location, adding folders/stcks/lists/recent)
      • I recommend using Tinker Tool to choose customize dock location and size (it provides more options)
      • A folder on the Dock is a Stack. You can ctrl-click on the folder on the Dock and choose Stack or Folder.
  • Utilities
    • Screen Shot/capture
      • To capture the entire screen, you can simply press Command-Shift-3
      • To capture a region of the screen, press Command-Shift-4, then click and drag the cursor to mark the area you want to capture
      • To take a picture of a window, a menu, the menu bar, or the Dock, Press Command-Shift-4, then press the Space bar
      • Grab Utility - Built-in application that offers more screen capture option
    • Font Book
      • printable
      • disable fonts
      • delete fonts
      • export fonts
  • terminal
    • shift-cmd-k -- server book
    • transparency and background moved - configure screens through Inspector
    • tabs - move between tabxls with command brace (like Safari)
    • screen?
  • Finder
    • Finder Sidebar
    • Finder Path Bar (path at bottom of finder window)
    • Finder Toolbar
    • Spring loaded folders
    • icon/list/column/Coverflow
    • Setting file/folder/desktop options
    • Quick Look
    • command click for path at top
    • Icon Preview
    • ctrl-click
      • compression
      • get info
      • duplicate
      • trash
  • Expose
    • Which Keys
    • (F9)All Windows (shows all non-minimized windows minituarized)
    • (F10)Application Windows (shows all non-minimized windows for the current application)
    • (F11)Desktop (clear away all windows and show you the Desktop)
  • Front Row
    • Full Aperture Support
    • iPhoto
    • Music
    • TV
    • Movies
    • Podcasts
  • PhotoBooth
    • Camera Light
    • Take a still Picture
    • Take four quick Pictures
    • Take a Movie Clip
    • Custom Background Movie effect
  • Network Utility
    • Info (TCP/IP info per interface)
    • Netstat
    • AppleTalk
    • Ping
    • Lookup
    • Traceroute
    • Whois
    • Finger
    • Port Scan
  • System Preferences
    • Desktop and Screensavers (set Desktop to change)
    • autolock computer
  • Spotlight (WS)
    • Spotlight Preferences (Search Results/Privacy)
    • Dictionary Lookups
    • Numerical calculations
  • Fast user switcher
  • iCal
  • Address book (ctrl-click address)
  • iChat
    • Video Backdrops
    • Showcase
    • Screen Sharing
    • Audio/Video chatting record feature
  • iTunes
    • Play Ogg Vorbis and others
  • Preview
    • Merge PDFs
    • Extract iCons from App
      1. Select the APP in Finder
      2. copy (command C)
      3. Open Preview
      4. Choose Menu: File-New From Clipboard
      5. Now you have the icon in multiple sizes that you can copy or save
  • Spaces (IWT)
  • Safari
    • Tabs
    • Find
    • Resize text boxes
    • Turn any page into a Dashboard Widget
    • Make all new "windows" open in a tab (WS)
    • History -- almost complete history of every page you have visited recently
    • Private Browsing (great way to wander around and research something without filling up history)
    • Page Snapback
    • Window-Activity - shows elements of a web page
    • Enable Develop - check out Web Inspector
  • Dictionary - Click on Spotlight and type in word
  • Dashboard - Widgets, Web Clips - enable in Safari Toolbars
  • Universal Access
    • Seeing (Enable Zoom, grayscale)
    • Hearing (Flash)
  • Time Machine
  • Services
  • Interesting Links

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