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Meeting Notes

March 2008 - iTunes Intro

Major Points:
  • iTunes can be used to play music
  • iTunes is better thought of as a media management system than as a music player
  • iTunes integrates (almost seamlessly) with the iTunes Store
  • iTunes is also the controller for syncing to iPod or iPhone
  • iTunes can easily dump audio to a CD

Here some interesting things under Preferences:

  • General
    • Group Compilations
    • Automatically download missing artwork
  • Podcasts - control when to download them and how many to keep
  • Playback - crossfade, sound level
  • Sharing - enable, look for others
  • Advanced
    • General
      • Set path to library (so you can have multiple libraries)
      • where music goes
    • Importing
      • What to do when CD inserted
      • Default method to encode
      • Settings
    • Burning -- how and what to burn
  • Parental - controls
  • AppleTV
  • Syncing
Here are some important Menu Items:
  • File
    • Add to library (bring in one item)
    • Import (add a folder of stuff to lirary)
    • Backup to Disc
  • View
    • Switch between list, album and cover flow
    • Show Duplicates

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