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Meeting Notes

July 2007 - Apple iPhone Gadgets

Thanks to William Sellers and Don Ballard for the iPhone Mania meeting.

Currently the Apple iPhone is a closed device; no one is allowed at this time to put Gadgets/Widgets on the Home screen. Many believe that in the very near future this will not be the case. For now, iPhone developers are rolling out applications based on the iPhone's Safari web browser.

Here are some of the most popular gadgets / web applications that people are using:

Currently www.overdrive.com (BR Public Library) is not compatible with the Apple iPod..yet.

A note on web apps: After the initial awe--- I can't just put an icon on the home screen, I've found that running applications in the browser does have some advantages:

  1. All I have to do is backup my bookmark
  2. Instant updates --- no worries about downloading the latest version.
  3. No worries about 3rd party apps slowing down your iPhone--- just close the browser.

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