FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions -- June 21, 2007

  1. How do I backup my iPhoto pictures, library, books, etc.? -? How to move to another computer?
    1. Backup to disk (cd/dvd)
    2. Drag folder to external drive (make sure iPhoto not running)
    3. backup to .Mac (Apple instructions)
    4. Consider Mozy.com online backup service
  2. How do I create new users --- for testing new applications, settings, etc.
    1. Apple's instructions
    2. Here is Indiana University's instructions
  3. How do I setup Mail.app?? Cox SMTP issues, etc.
    1. Cox's instructions for a Mac
  4. What are all these directories?? Applications, Library, System, Users - Documents, Pictures, Movies, etc.
    1. OS X Daily's explanation
  5. I want to share files between my PC and Mac over a network... How?
    1. Take a look at About.com's instructions
  6. Virtualization?? Parallels? VMware?? What is it? What can I do with it?? Pros/cons?
    1. Wikipedia's take
    2. Parallels vs VMWare Fusion vs Crossover vs BootCamp
    3. Parallels Web Site
    4. Apple's Boot Camp
    5. VMWare Fusion
  7. What software does EVERY Mac user want/need?
    1. BRMUG's suggestions
    2. Places to get software
      1. Open Source Mac
      2. Mac Update
      3. Version Tracker
  8. How do I install a program? Why do I have to eject the program that I just installed? Explain DMG, etc.
    1. Silver Mac's Install Howto
    2. Apple's troubleshooting tips
  9. How do I get access to something when I used to right click on my pc?
    1. <ctrl> click is the same as right click
    2. Take a look at Help on your Mac and search for keyboard shortcuts
    3. Apple's Info
  10. What does that funny looking key do near the space bar? (Clover Leaf, CTRL, etc)
    1. Wikipedia's History of the Apple Command Key
  11. How do I navigate to the proper folder to save a document? (Home directory, etc)
    1. Apple's explanation
  12. Should I keep my computer sleeping or turn it off (over night or longer)?
    1. I tend to recommend sleep unless you will not use the computer for an extended period. I almost never shutdown/reboot my laptop. I think it is really what you are comfortable with.
    2. Here are some folks having that debate
    3. And some more
  13. Do I have a Mac or an Apple computer? (still don't know the answer to this one)
    1. Your computer is a Macintosh produced by Apple Computer (whoops Apple Inc.).
  14. How do I do screen capture:
    1. To capture the entire screen, press Command+Shift+3
    2. To capture part of a screen, press Command+Shift+4
  15. How do I reset the PRAM (battery backed up Parameter RAM)?
    1. Reboot your computer. As it reboots, hold down Command, Option, P and R. The PRAM stores date, time, video settings and some of the preferences. When you reset PRAM, you will have to reset the date and time. There are a few other preferences you will have to reset. If you are having unusual problems or weird video issues, try resetting PRAM.