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Meeting Notes

October 2006 - iTunes

Apple's new iTunes 7 has become much more than the easiest way to download your favorite music and podcasts. It has become, as Apple puts it, the "Entertainment Center of your World." Some of the new features include Cover Flow, Automatic Album Art, iPod Games, Gapless Playback brought to you in a new user interface. However one of the interesting features is downloadable Movies.

This month we'll look at the "New" iTunes 7.0...

New User Interface
  • Organized into: Library, Store, Devices, Shares, & Playlists
  • New Detailed Device management: Settings now in tab view for each device.
Automatic Album Art
  • Update your music album art (even if not purchased from iTMS). All you need is a valid iTMS account.
  • Advanced > Get Album Art.
Cover Flow
  • Scroll through your virtual CD library.
Download Manager
  • Organized view of the Podcasts, music, and movies. Also shows estimated time remaining.
Gapless Playback
  • Smooth song-to-song transitions. i.e. Pink Floyd DSOTM, Classical music, etc
  • Example: Pink Floyd: DSOTH: "Time" Gapless into "Money"
  • Download full length feature movies. - From Disney film makers. More to come?
  • Shareable over iTunes client.
  • No burning to DVD
  • Up to 5 authorized computers - Fair-play DRM.
  • Movies starting at $9.99 (for older movies) up to $14.99 (for new Movies)
Onscreen Video Control
  • New transparent on-screen video control.
iTunes Backup Wizard (to CDR or DVDR)
  • Allows you to backup your entire iTunes Music library.
  • Allows you to backup the Music content bought from the iTMS.
  • Click File > Backup To Disc.
Consolidate Library
  • Allows you to place a copy of all of your library to a new location, computer, drive.
  • Advanced > Consolidate library
Two-way syncing (with music you own from iTMS)
  • Allows you to sync/transfer content from your Mac-to-iPod & iPod-to-Mac.
  • Only content you purchase from iTMS. Only with 5 different Macs/PCs.
  • Right-Click on Device, then click "Transfer Purchases"
CD Text in Burned Audio CDs
  • iTunes 7 also gains the feature to burn CD-Text to the audio CDs it burns. This is a useful feature for owners of certain CD players (often in cars) capable of displaying the artist and track name while playing a supported audio CD.
iPod Games
  • 9 High-resolution video games for iPod. (Vortex, Tetris, Pac-Man, Cubis 2, Zuma, Texas Hold'em, Mini Golf, Mahjong, Bejeweled)

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